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Self Storage in Harlow, Essex

Pyramid Self Storage near Harlow is the ideal choice if you’re looking for self storage with easy links to London and neighbouring Hertfordshire.

We offer personal storage, business storage and student storage that’s ideal whether you’re moving house, keeping your stock somewhere safe or merely stashing your things until the new term begins. Whatever your reasons for needing storage, we offer the simplest self storage in Harlow.

Tailored for you

Self Storage for HarlowOur service level is known for being nothing short of fantastic. Rather than you bringing your stuff to us, we bring your storage unit to your home or business address ready for you to fill. If you need to, we can assist or do it all for you for an hourly rate. If you need help packing, we can supply essentials such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and mattress sacks for a competitive price.

Once your unit is packed up, we take it back to our secure warehouse, which is protected by round-the-clock CCTV and a top alarm system. However, you will have free access to your self storage in Harlow, allowing you to add items and take items away. However, if you want, we can deliver your storage unit to your address (or even deliver individual items from it), making it easy to get your hands on your belongings. This is particularly useful for customers storing items in advance of a change of address.

Say hello

Deciding how much self storage space you need can be hard, so we have a handy storage volume calculator that helps you work this out based on different sized furniture items. It’ll let you know the size of unit you need, as well as the cost.

However, if you’d like to chat to us about you requirements, you can call on 03333 052775 or email us using our contact us page.